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What Can You Rent in Marina City for $1,500 or Less?

In a neighborhood bursting with new construction and rooftop pools, Marina City offers renters an opportunity to live in the heart of Chicago at a more affordable cost than what can be found elsewhere in River North. While our availability is constantly changing, we’ve pulled together a list of typical units you can get at […]

12 Jul 2017 329

A Pop Culture History of Marina City: A Look at its Most Famous Media Moments

Marina City’s unique architectural style has long been a favorite of film and TV directors. Because the towers have a history of being included in some of our favorite media, we decided to put together a compilation of Marina City’s most famous pop culture moments. Wilco’s “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” Album Cover In 2002, Chicago-native band Wilco placed Marina […]

5 Jul 2017 7

Don’t Forget to Do These Things Before Moving Out of Your Apartment

Let’s face it: moving is the worst. You have to pack everything up, rent a moving truck, enlist an unlucky friend to help you, move out everything from your apartment into the truck, fight Chicago traffic, then move it all into your new place. In addition to the cost, there are a million little details to […]

28 Jun 2017 14

What Does It Mean to Be a Chicago Landmark?

Sitting outside on Marina City’s sunny plaza, listening to the tour boats go by and talk about Bertrand Goldberg’s famous Chicago towers, you would never know that Marina City – one of Chicago’s most unique and recognizable buildings – only received Chicago landmark status last year. As a City of Chicago designated landmark, the city […]

21 Jun 2017 12

This is Why Renter’s Insurance is Worth It

When moving into an apartment or condo for the first time, there tend to be a lot of expenses, from moving trucks to security deposits to new furniture. And when renter’s insurance gets added to the end of the list, some people balk at the prospect of yet another cost; in fact, only 41% of […]

14 Jun 2017 15

Which of Chicago’s Downtown Neighborhoods Should You Live In?

Whether you recently moved to Chicago or you’re a lifelong Chicagoan just looking for a change in scenery, deciding where to live in the city can be quite challenging. Each of Chicago’s neighborhoods has tons to offer, and those closest to downtown are all incredibly appealing. But how do you choose between some of the […]

7 Jun 2017 10

Your Summer Guide to the Best Chicago Beaches

Chicago summers are simply the best. It’s a known fact. While this might have to do with the fact that Chicagoans are holed up in a wintery snow globe for months each winter, it’s also because Chicago has 24 beaches along its 28 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline.  Thanks to Lake Michigan’s cool breezes, Chicago summers tend to […]

31 May 2017 15

Where To Find the Best Views in Chicago

Between Chicago’s world renowned skyline and sparkling Lake Michigan, finding a good view in the city is generally as easy as looking out the window! With so many options of places to go to take in our beautiful city, we decided to rounded up six of our favorite Chicago views to get you started. Marina […]

24 May 2017 3

Getting Down to Business: Chicago’s Top 5 Downtown Co-Working Spaces

As entrepreneurs, freelancers, and anyone else who requires a remote office can tell you, working from home can be difficult. Staying on task is tough when the kids are around, the cat’s doing its usual laps across your keyboard, and the people upstairs are unpacking their bowling ball collection. And of course, there’s always the […]

17 May 2017 4

How to Renovate Your Marina City Unit to Attract Tenants and Buyers

As a building with over 50 years of history to its name, it should come as no surprise that the interiors of Marina City vary widely. Ranging from original 1960s steel cabinets and black tile flooring to sleek, modern, and updated (with some 1970s mirrored walls and glass block in-between), many residents have chosen to […]

10 May 2017 14

A Peek Inside Marina City: Photo Tour of a Chicago Landmark

Whether you know Marina City as the the buildings from the Wilco album cover, the ‘Corn Cobs’ or actually remember when the historic towers were built by Bertrand Goldberg in the 60s to help slow the flood of people moving to the suburbs, you are surely curious what the inside of these iconic round buildings […]

26 Apr 2017 12

Ready to Rent Out Your Chicago Condo? Here’s What You Need to Know

Let’s face it. Renting out a condo is hard, especially in Chicago’s market. You’re competing against an army of fellow solo renters, not to mention the city’s best property management companies. So it’s not surprising that many prospective renters are so intent on finding tenants to rent out their property that they forget about the […]

19 Apr 2017 2

A Day in the Life of a Downtown Chicago Property Manager

If you’ve ever considered investing in real estate to generate recurring revenue, or you’re a renter who wants to know what’s going on behind the scenes after you send over your monthly rent check, you’ve likely asked yourself what exactly it is that a property manager does. Monster.com defines a property manager’s responsibilities as “Maintains […]

20 Mar 2017 1

Renting vs. Buying, the Breakeven

Have you ever wondered at what point it makes more sense for you to stop renting and to buy? Zillow has compiled Breakeven Horizons for the nation’s major housing markets. Chicago’s breakeven is in the middle of the nation’s highest, 4.5 years in D.C. and lowest, 1.3 years in Dallas. In Chicago, you would need […]

9 May 2016 0

Downtown High Rises: Imperial Towers

Imperial Towers, located at 4250 North Marine Drive, is a condo high-rise building in the Chicago lakeside neighborhood of Buena Park. Buena Park is a small historic neighborhood nestled between Uptown to the north and Lakeview to the south. The area was first developed by wealthy merchants who wanted a location close to Lake Michigan, […]

1 Feb 2016 0

Downtown High Rises: Joffrey Tower

The Residences at The Joffrey Tower is a luxury condominium development located at State and Randolph, in the heart of Chicago’s Theater District. The building has a modern luminous glass exterior which was designed by renowned Chicago architect Laurence Booth. The tower has a base structure anchored by two floors of retail and three floors of rehearsal […]

19 Jan 2016 0

Downtown High Rises: 2 East Erie

2 East Erie is located at the corner of Erie and State Street in Chicago’s vibrant Near North neighborhood. It is also part of the newer named Cathedral District, which is a 4 block by 4 block area located around Holy Name and St. James Cathedrals. 2 East Erie is just steps away from some […]

11 Nov 2015 0

Downtown High Rises: Plaza 440

Located just north of the Chicago River on Wabash Avenue, Plaza 440 is a 50-story condo building. Built in 1992, it underwent a condominium conversion in 2005 and now has 497 privately owned condos. If you will rent out your unit, the condo association requires that a lease must be between 12 and 24 months. […]

4 Nov 2015 0

Downtown High Rises: The John Hancock

Alto Realty specializes in downtown Condo sales, so you can look forward to a series of blog post highlighting some of our favorite condo buildings. The John Hancock Center has been a prominent feature on the Chicago Skyline since 1970. Buying a condo at this distinguished address on Chicago’s famed Magnificent Mile, allows you to point to your […]

27 Oct 2015 0

Downtown High Rises: 111 West Maple

In the latter part of the 19th century, many prominent Chicago families were building grand mansions along Lake Michigan in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. Today the Gold Coast still houses some of Chicago’s most prestigious and historic buildings among quaint tree lined streets. 111 West Maple also referred to as the Gold Coast Galleria is […]

21 Oct 2015 0

Prep Your Home to Sell Quickly

It is no secret that furnished homes show better than empty homes. If you are living in your home while it is on the market, you have some work ahead of you in order to present your home in the best light to buyers and help it sell quickly. You want your home to show like […]

13 Oct 2015 0

How Professional Photos Will Get Your House Sold

Real estate agents have different styles and specialties, but one thing they can all agree on: in this digital age, most people head online to look for their new home. No matter how many great descriptive words you use to describe your bright, large, charming living room, the thing that really sells it is a […]

6 Oct 2015 0

Three Tips for Improving Your Credit Score

Maintaining a good Credit Score is extremely important if you plan on trying to obtain credit for any type of loan. The simplest way to maintain good credit is to pay off all of your debts before the due date, though sometimes that isn’t an option. We’ve complied a few tips on how you can […]

1 Oct 2015 0

Is Your Credit Score Hurting You?

You know you have a credit score, and you think it’s decent, but why is it important? A good credit score makes you less of a risk in a lender’s eye. Therefore, a good credit score will help you borrow money at a lower interest rate, whether for a credit card, car loan or home […]

29 Sep 2015 0

First Steps in Home Buying

Your landlord raised your rent, you are ready for more stability, you think you want to buy a house but you have no idea where to start. 1. First and foremost you need to come up with a budget and decide what you can afford. Make sure to include your down payment, mortgage, monthly assessments, […]

21 Aug 2015 0